Monday, 24 October 2016

Heart's ease, cocoons and redemption

The mind, in the service of the heart, can open itself up in some interesting ways.

Let me explain. Ha! Or try to ..

Yesterday morning, still a-bed. Although (from deep under the covers) I was assuring my oh-so-chipper in the morning husband that yes, I was waking up and would report for coffee soon, I was actually slipping sideways into a sort of dream. I found myself in conversation with a flower.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Taking the by-ways (2)

We're a couple of ramblers, that's what we are.

Family obligations of a rather depressing sort (and then Thanksgiving which was actually pretty uplifting) saw us zooming to and from the city several times over the last couple of weeks. We don't mind the drive, even from the highway the scenery is pretty at this time of year. It was being in the city itself, with all its straight lines and angles and broken skies and noise and blank-eyed people that was really hard on our psyches. And words! There are so many words in the city; all those signs trying to grab our attention are wearing when you're not used to them any more.

City dwellers laugh at me when I complain about these things. Or they worry that I'm not all right. Too sensitive. I think they should worry about themselves, what with being so numb they don't notice any of it any more. It can't be good to be so cut off from your senses. It just can't be.

Yeah, it was all kinds of good to be home at the end of it all.

The due-west corner of our own back yard.

I was out of sorts when we got back though. Very.

Taking the by-ways (1)

Check this out:

We LIKE it when the car looks like this.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Autumn begins: flutterings and dreamings

 On this blue skied morn, with the first flashes of colour on the tips of the trees and the garden full of birds, Paul (D.J., artist in residence and all around good guy) chose this piece of music to have our coffee by ..

.. and it seemed the birds came a little closer to the house for a listen.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016


This critter:

And I have something in common.

Or at least I feel like I'm seen like this sometimes, as though I am pulling myself this way and that.

From the outside looking in (apparently) I seem to hold contradictory ideas.

I'm a both/and person living in an either/or world. To the crowd of disbelieving onlookers, that makes me a freak. That's okay, I play to the crowd; as long as they know they can't figure me out it keeps their minds open to what might really be going on.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dem bones

This is a story about re-integration. 

Do you remember this old Spiritual?

Ohhh, the toe bone's connected to the foot bone
The foot bone's connected to the heel bone
The heel bone's connected to the ankle bone
Now hear the word of the Lord ..

That song's been in my head since I got up this morning, but my version of the lyrics goes like this: