Saturday, 27 February 2016

The therapeutic portal

What the heck is a therapeutic portal?

I tripped over reference to it just today in an otherwise unremarkable piece of writing. The piece itself (by Linda Miller) was about the current fad of genealogy (yawn), not my bag, but that phrase just leapt off the screen at me. Here's the sentence - my emphasis - "Geneology functions as a therapeutic portal, much like dreams or symptoms, allowing us to enter the imaginal dimension."

Now - I could write and write and write some more here because this, my friends, is what writers call a golden thread.

But instead, I think I'll leave it with you to think about in your own way. I have a portal of my own opening up, I can see a crack of light and there's a lovely fresh fragrance coming through so I'm off to do some exploring.

I might be gone for a while. I might completely rework this blog. I just don't know - and what a delightful feeling that is ..

Adieu for now.

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