Wednesday, 30 March 2016

All robins answer to "Tippy"

It's too early to tell whether Tippy himself, our original and by now quite geriatric front-yard robin will return this spring. So far, only one robin has appeared in the neighbourhood, a youngster by the look of him and a bit shy. He hangs out in the top of the tamarack tree across the street.

Today on a ramble, after Paul took pictures of the wild white water of Ragged Chute, we took 12th Line over to a quiet little spot on Killoran Road.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Paul finds more white water

I confess, this time I was worried as he went out the door.

I was doing the house prep for the Easter Sunday invasion visit from our ever-expanding family (3 little ones now, 3!!) (not that #3 takes up much room yet) (and they're all adorable so I ain't complaining). It was just as well he fled, seeing as how when I get ready for these things I tend to explode the whole house for a while ..

But he was headed for some wild places, scary places, icy places. Luckily for him, the park surrounding the scariest and the most grand of all was open, (read the trails and such had been inspected and were safe) and free for the day.

(And? When he reads this about me worrying that one of these days they'll have to fish his body out of some river, he'll "tsk". Too bad buddy! I loves ya. Wives worry, husbands "tsk". It's the way of the world. Yes? Yes.)

He got some great footage of course!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

One song leads to another


It's sappy music day!

There we were, at the grocery store check-out .. I heard just the first damn note and I knew the song. And not just any song, one of the sappiest, most bubble gum songs ever, one I don't suppose I've heard more than twice in the last decade. Back then? Yeah we all heard it a lot. It's also kinda sweet and I love it.

But you see, it set off a chain reaction in the music section of my brain. Now song after song is 'coming in' on the psychic radio station. Next up:

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Understanding Grace, exploring Chesed

Keep in mind, please, that I am uneducated, so when I use words and phrases familiar to your ears I am probably not using them in the ways now officially accepted by the Thinkers, Academics and Theologians. I have just enough education that I enjoy learning; not so much that I've been indoctrinated into any particular school of thought.

I do love words, very much so. My only fond memories of my highschool days (besides those times I skipped class and wandered in the nearby fields) are of Mr. Harvey's English class. My hand was up so often in that class my arm ached by the end of it. He had to ignore me most of the time or the lesson plans would be derailed. But near the end of the class he'd smile, finally point to me with a nod (knowing what was coming) and I'd ask what he & I (for we understood each other) considered the most delightful of questions, "Sir, what's the root of the word ...?" Ah, dear Mr. Harvey.

Which reminds me, isn't it interesting, that familial relationship between the words "indoctrination", "doctrine" and "Doctor"? I'll leave that for you to play with ..

Friday, 4 March 2016

Issues with the comment widget?

I've had a reader tell me she's having trouble getting comments through. If you are experiencing difficulties, please let me know by email. Contact info on the top bar.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

tick-tock .. tick-tock ..

Time, of course, is a human invention. We forget that. Nature is cyclical - the seasons, the tides, the phases of the moon - not linear.

It is only recently in the history of time-keeping that villages had to co-ordinate their versions of  'the time'. It was the railway, that most linear of inventions, that required that we all synchronize our watches and town clocks.

As we think about time as a human invention and take that thinking a little deeper, what about the pendulum that marks the seconds off so neatly? Or what about the accepted version of reality, that our societies, our ideas of who we are and what is right, must swing "like a pendulum" from one extreme to the other? I speak, specifically, of the ideas of feminism VS the patriarchy. Hard science VS woo. Right wing VS left in politics (the latter being the most ridiculous of metaphors, as though the American Eagle flaps one wing and then the other, essentially, then, limping along on one wing at a time .. although, come to think of it ..)