Sunday, 27 March 2016

Paul finds more white water

I confess, this time I was worried as he went out the door.

I was doing the house prep for the Easter Sunday invasion visit from our ever-expanding family (3 little ones now, 3!!) (not that #3 takes up much room yet) (and they're all adorable so I ain't complaining). It was just as well he fled, seeing as how when I get ready for these things I tend to explode the whole house for a while ..

But he was headed for some wild places, scary places, icy places. Luckily for him, the park surrounding the scariest and the most grand of all was open, (read the trails and such had been inspected and were safe) and free for the day.

(And? When he reads this about me worrying that one of these days they'll have to fish his body out of some river, he'll "tsk". Too bad buddy! I loves ya. Wives worry, husbands "tsk". It's the way of the world. Yes? Yes.)

He got some great footage of course!

You can find his still images here on his tumblr page and below are the videos. I kinda wish I'd been there!

These were taken at "Chutes Coulonge", and if you're into adventure, zip lines and the like apparently it's fast becoming world class.


  1. Absolutely stunning, even via video on a laptop. Just beautiful. Peaceful.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Terri! We live in a gorgeous area, for sure.

  2. I miss trees and rivers and creeks so just seeing pictures is even nice.--Terri