Monday, 28 November 2016

Apples in the snow

When the snow hit, I just wasn't emotionally ready for it, not even close. In fact, I broke my own personal record for days spent indoors - 6 of them! - and it felt wonderful. I stayed plenty busy, it's not like I was sitting on the couch eating bon-bons (although there were some brownies ..) but I didn't even stick my nose out. Not once.

But by the 6th day, I was getting a teeny bit pale. So the husband put his foot down and dragged me out. Of course that took some cajoling. I had to be bribed with just the right destination.

My favourite swamp.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Living truths

The heart does not have to be taught how to sense the world.

The mind does not have to be taught to acquiesce to the heart, to cede control.

They both know what to do, innately.

(There is no "they", either, but we have to pretend such divisions are real, in order to get this ball rolling.)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

In the forest, I know who I am

It's the silence.

It's the sound of my own footsteps on the old logging road that leads partway into the forest. They sound so .. human. But in a good way. As though, knowing that the sound of my footsteps is heard only by the trees - who welcome me - being human means something else, something other than what it usually means, and with each step deeper into the forest I walk deeper into that meaning.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Things are not always as they ap-pear

That's the worst play on words, ever.

I'd been sitting in the back yard just enjoying the last of the sun as it glinted off the distant river. It was time to go in, so I took one last long look at what I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world, our chaotic, overgrown, unconventional and oh my dear Lord we thank you for the blessings generous back yard.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Creation just keeps on giving

We seem to be having what the country folk call a 'long, open fall' here; no snow yet. And as this comes on the heels of the best wild fruit summer we've seen in our 10 years here, I am one happy camper these days.

I keep going for walks and coming home with the likes of this:

Top - dandelions
Left - nettles good for eatin' (and we did) Right - rosehips and wild grapes for juice.

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