Tuesday, 14 February 2017

wildcucumber - a troll for Mother Nature

I troll in the comment sections of GreenMedInfo and Natural News - you should look for me there and join in sometime! - and today, in the comments below a post on (shocker!) the contamination of commercial supplements, I said this:

"This has been known for decades, yet people still buy supplements instead of eating real food or turning to growing their own, including herbal remedies.

And before you try to tell me that 'not everyone can' do these things, let me assure you that anyone can find sources of clean food, anyone can grow clean food IF and WHEN they wake up to the truth - that consumerism leads to chronic, learned helplessness.

Strike out on your own people, grow some 'nads and free yourself from Big Herb."

And do you know what the mods did? They removed my post, of course.

I have seen far worse cussing there than "grow some 'nads". I have seen death threats to political candidates. I have seen downright outrageously racist and sexist comments, too. But my post is removed? hahahaha

Why? Because my call to grow your own, my assurances that it IS possible to find clean food, fly in the face of the fearmongering that Natural News, GreenMedInfo and their ilk rely on to keep their customer base. These "news outlets" are no more than shills for Big Herb. Mike Adams (shudder) is the worst of them all, blatantly plugging his own branded line of products, but GreenMedInfo's writers and contributors are not far behind.

But their sins are deeper than just trying to sell their snake oil. Their sin is that they instil fear, they sow distrust in Nature as she is (her gifts must be "purified"). Even while they sow distrust in medical practitioners they perpetuate the myth that regular human beings with a modicum of common sense are incapable of looking after themselves without the use of toxic shit like colloidal silver. "We" the people need "heroes" and "authorities", with "extracts" created in "specially equipped laboratories" to save us from .. well, any number of dangers, real and imaginary.

Yes, Big Herb and Big Organic Farms and Big Homeopathy and all their 'trustworthy spokespeople' are yet another clusterfuck.

It amuses me to troll on these sites. But it also, I can't help but believe, does some good. Not all of my posts are removed - about half make it through - and every once in a while someone actually thanks me for pointing out that they can make their own tincture, or for recommending a book, or for backing them up when they're groundlessly accused of being a big pharma shill. I've actually met some (kinda) kindred spirits at GreenMedInfo of late. If enough of us keep up this work, we can make something of a dent 'out there'. And it is important, nay, it is essential to remember that there are genuine seekers reading these sites, perhaps just starting out on their journey towards health independence. They must be helped.

I use my 'wildcucumber' (NB, not capitalised) handle there, as you will see I have returned to doing here. wildcucumber is a semi-fictional character, she's not really me .. or rather I am not really her, I just play her on the internet. She's tougher than the real me; playing her protects me when I get into tussles. Fights others may pick with wildcucumber can't ever be personal, they're about what wildcucumber is making a stand for (or against). (Thank you "Navillus" for teaching me that).

Good old wildcucumber means serious business, but doesn't take herself too seriously - hence the crazy name. It's a case of 'don't judge a book by it's cover' turned on its head. How many times have we taken someone seriously because their credentials look good, only to find out that they're not who they say they are? (I'm looking at you, "Dr" Grace, gut goddess) Better, I think, to walk into the spotlight looking a little silly from the start, all the better to catch people unaware, that much easier to slip a little common sense their way.

One thing I'm learning as these two blogs find their feet is that this mission is about serving one person at a time. It doesn't matter to me if I look like a trolling fool to thousands reading the comments at these immensely popular sites if ONE person thinks to themselves "hmmm. That's an interesting point .." or "nettles do that? I think I'll do some more research!".

I encourage my students - you're ready, by the way - to follow my lead. Venture into somewhat unfriendly territory and whisper little bits of information when you think it might be appropriate. Or even when it isn't. Do so as 'anon' or make up a handle, that part doesn't matter, but do try it. It might require a thick skin, it might have you swearing a blue streak sometimes, but it might reach someone who needs to hear just that one little thing you have to say. Speak from personal experience if you can, or tell them about an article written by someone who does have experience (links are iffy, it can get your comment rejected in some cases). Recommend hands on, up close and personal relationships with the weeds you've come to know as friends, the foods you've found helpful or the stress relieving techniques you know of. You all have something you can offer that only you can say in your voice.

And say hi to wildcucumber if you run into her.

Added - Just ran across a horrifying article about an MD suspended from practising family medicine who will still be allowed to practice "natural medicine"  (whatever that means) at his extremely busy clinic. Talk about not judging a book by its cover! Could you trust this man? Thousands have, apparently, and probably to their peril. Fucking quack.
Story here


  1. I groused about Adams' site for another reason, but I suppose it's all part of a pattern. He runs the junk advertising on his site from within his own domain. This means adblockers don't work so well, that he has advertising staff who keep track of all this garbage, and he gets a bigger cut of the action. Most importantly, the ads offer some of the most insulting nonsense. They scream "shady business" at you.

  2. Oh, no! So much for being creative with slang! ('Nads.)

    On the physician whose license was removed. I never know what to think about these people when I read about them. It definitely sounds like he was "overprescribing" narcotics. Which I don't like, but several years ago, if we as physicians didn't "treat" the patients' pain--we were criticized floridly by the guidelines and docked. And then, now, we have a huge narcotic problem and we're criticized for prescribing too many narcotics. And I know if I practiced now, I'd use a few things that probably aren't standard of care. In fact, a daughter had a UTI, and I discussed prophylactic antibiotics versus probiotics with her pediatrician, including a study. He said it wasn't "standard of care to prophylact with probiotics" for recurrent UTIs. Yes, it isn't now! But with a few studies behind it, will it be? Luckily, my daughter didn't need prophylactic antibiotics. But it was interesting how quickly he threw the probiotics under the rug because "not standard of care."

    1. And here you are, discussing antibiotics and probiotics as one physician to another yet he still threw the probiotics under the rug. It's no wonder that most 'patients' (I hate that word) won't tell their physicians about anything else they are taking, since it is so often poo-pooed. But a) they could learn something from their patients if they'd care to and b) meds and 'alternatives' sometimes have pretty awful interactions.

      My husband was recently chatting to an older lady who had gone to the doc for her arthritis pain. He prescribed oxycontin! She was smart enough not to even fill the prescription, but wow, just wow.

      Turns out it was "nads" that was the problem, they allowed the comment once I removed that. Which surprised me no end. Maybe the mods are catching on even if the site authors aren't.

    2. Hi! The guidelines for treating back pain are changing now, gratefully! Just out last week. I don't see alder yet (next post you write), but at least they mention that things like mindfulness should be tried before narcotics. Mindfulness--I hate that word, but I guess for the diligent it will eventually get them where they need to be.

    3. But why should MD's be expected to recommend 'mindfulness' (whatever that means)? Whatever it means, it's not something taught in med school. Strikes me as unfair to the doctors.

      What really gets to me about that MD who lost his license to practice 'real' medicine is that he is still allowed to practice 'natural' medicine. Seeing as how the guy is clearly lacking a conscience, how on earth can he be trusted to treat patients, period? A lot of damage can be done with what passes for 'natural medicine' in the mainstream.

  3. You just are all that, young lady! Down here in the South (of the US of A), that means "look at you go, woman!" I know how stongly you feel about such things and you are correct: 'if ONE person thinks to themselves "hmmm"'. It is all about each of us that 'know' stuff to reach out in whatever ways we feel most comfortable and share our wisdom with others. God takes it from there. And, this is how we serve Him. He made all that for us after all, now, didn't He?