Saturday, 1 April 2017

Fear - A bluff of the mind

Don't worry, I'm not falling under the spell of a guru or running off to join an Ashram.

I've been watching Mooji on youtube for a few years now. He's a lovely man, funny, compassionate, no inflated ego saying "follow me", no teachings that would raise red flags (and as you know my red flags are easily raised!) His teachings resonate with me; he emphasises that we are not our minds, our minds are a tool that we use.

Living in a society that believes our consciousness resides in our heads means those of us who are heart-led face a sort of blow-back from the beliefs and thought patterns of the people around us. Worse, we get that blow-back from within our selves, which can lead us astray or block us on our paths.

This video offers some perspective on how not to get stuck in that mud.

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  1. 'Who is the seer of the vastness?' he asks. Ohh I can listen to him for hours, and as I hand my soul over to the experience, Ego stirs all impatient and writing endless stories to distract. 'Hey I am here!' it calls out. 'Come back to the reality' it says. But I know that it is just a trick. A big smile appears on my face which calls back 'I got you!!'
    Nothing to gain. Nowhere to go! And the tender heart starts singing again, boils over. Pure bliss.
    Then I let that go, too. No entitlement illusion needed, either.
    Still, the heart is overjoyed, aching physically.
    Then I remember that Morning glories need some watering. I better get to the piece of apple pie. Joy of life's cravings:)