Friday, 14 April 2017

Halluci Nation

In the spirit of walking in the Spirit, allow me to offer another couple of videos

that most people

are far too milque-toast

to watch.

If you can't take Buffy Sainte Marie, then you really won't be able to handle these:

or this


  1. I'm bad about listening to music or watching videos due to time constraints. With reading, I can skip every three or so and still know what I'm reading---going back if I need to re-read when something is striking or difficult. Can't do that with videos. Plus, if I'm stealing a minute, the sound ALWAYS draws my kids in to see what I'm doing. Ha! So reading is fast; other media not always so! But I felt a little chided after the posts I read earlier today ( :-) ) so I thought I'd watch! Enjoyed it! I loved how they used compare and contrast! And I just enjoy music and dancing. (Not myself. Just to watch and listen to.) Have a good day!

    1. You just brightened my day more than you could know.

      For the record, I can't seeing myself posting any music that isn't kid-friendly. Still, I definitely get how having them over your shoulder when you're just trying to steal a moment is not what you'd want! (Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that mine are grown & gone? Loved them to pieces but oh my)

      You don't dance?? I can't NOT dance at least once a day, even if it's just a little jig-step through the kitchen while I work. I have some kind of music going for part every day, so it's bound to happen.

  2. You pictured it right. Sound from mom's computer is the biggest fly trap ever! ("Aha, we caught her! She does do fun stuff on that computer...")

    No dancing for this body. Don't like it myself. But I love to watch and clap and tap toes, sway, and bop my head. I love music. Love to watch dance. Just watch. Just soak it in. Glad you dance. I sing. (I'm not a singer. I just love to sing.) I'll break out in song instead of a jig.

    Anyhow, I liked this piece you posted here. They did a good job.

    1. Me too with the singing. Used to sing well, not so much any more. However, if I practice I do okay. And it is really good for me, makes me feel strong, breathe better, etc. So - my husband has a little trip coming up, he'll be away about a day and a half. I intend to sing my little heart out while I have the house to myself.

  3. And my spirit soared as I watched. Feelings of exhilaration then sadness, bundled together, knowing the truth, the unfairness, so many emotions. And yet my spirit danced.