Monday, 3 April 2017

Taking our cues from heaven and earth

I had a look-see at the astrological charts for April and wow there's some interesting 'stuff' happening in the stars.

I won't go into detail (it's not my specialty) but I can tell you that 4 planets (at least) will be 'retrograde' for most of the month. Retrograde is an astrological term for the phenomena of a planet appearing to move backwards through the heavens. It's not, of course, (that would cause some gravitational mayhem, to put it mildly),

 but in relation to the movements of the other planets (some slower some not so slow) and ours, the effect on us is different than when the planets are 'direct'.

What's the effect? It depends on the planet, naturally enough, but in this case, with so many in on the game, it will be a more generalized .. do-over. This might be a great time to reassess and review the events and experiences of the past, not only the recent past but The Past. It's a time of (if you'll pardon the expression) karmic balancing.

In other words, it's a time to look with care and awareness at who we are as individuals and - this is important - whether or not we are living up to who we believe we should be. It's probably a good time to redress any wrongs, to make apologies and to make right what isn't quite up to snuff.

Of course it's always a good time to do these things but right now you could say that the planets are insisting. If (like me) you see astrology as a message from God about what's going on in the Big Picture, how the Universe is evolving (according to plan), you might want to take it seriously (as am I). For if we don't deal with these things on a regular basis, along will come those times when they are put right in front of us to deal with now.

What so often happens is that we put the awkward stuff -
 the lessons we know we have to learn, the
bills coming due that we don't know if we can pay - aside, right? I'll deal with it when I have time, we say. I'll deal with it when I have the energy, we say. I'll ignore it and maybe it will go away on its own. Then bam, the relationship blows up in your face, or the electricity gets cut off, or the plant you keep forgetting to water up and dies on you .. you get the picture. If you have anything niggling you with a teeny bit of guilt as you read this, then now's the time to deal with it.

It's not all bad, far from it.

More than one astrologer will be forecasting doom & gloom for this time but if they are, then I think you're reading the wrong astrologer. This is a time of opportunity. Is there some dream you've been putting off, something you want to do but you believe you don't have the time or talent or the right to pursue? Pursue it now. Plenty of us put aside the goals and dreams that we should be pursuing.

Besides, it's Spring! What could be a more lovely combination of influences, all these planets giving us the opportunity (well, more of a command) to be true to ourselves just as everything comes back to life!

When I first starting thinking about this, I didn't have any clear idea of what I might like to do with this time. Then one day recently I had an interesting conversation with a stranger .. that night, far earlier than my usual bed time, I found myself being dragged down into sleep while we watched TV. I went right to bed, found myself pulled down, down and there it was. Something I've known for years that I want to do, something I've been told I should do, but I lacked the confidence to. That brief conversation brought it 'home' to me. Now just might be the time.

That's how it works, so watch for clues in your life, too. Seemingly mundane conversations, something in an article you read, something in a dream will trigger something in your heart. LISTEN to it, please, because if I know one thing about human nature (these days) it is that we so often - too often - disregard these messages from our hearts. Or the Universe. Or God. (take yer pick). And that's just a shame. It keeps us from living up to our true potential.

And that rips off the rest of the world. It needs us to do what we're good at. What we're best at. What we love. Why on earth are we here, otherwise?

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  1. Huh! Interesting this post. Yesterday, I was sitting on the deck and thoughts kept coming into my head about how I have allowed my mind to mess with myself. And how not so long ago, that would not have happened. It's like I let myself down and allowed some really heavy events just bowl me over and turn me into a, uh, I don't know? Pain in the butt to myself? Whiner? In any case, I made a commitment to myself to get it together and quit this. I think I just made sense?