Wednesday, 7 June 2017

"Meat space"

noun informal
the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment.

I can't think of a more vile term, or one more expressive of the disdain those who use it must hold for reality.

I don't much care when the gamers who never leave their screens use the term, it's when those who in the next breath call them selves heart-led or Spirit-born use it that I despair.

Language matters.

Modern English is a clumsy enough language as it is, and we've lost some of the more romantic nuances we once had. We don't have the words for the experiences that lie outside the norms of modern life. We make up words as we go along, we always have, and that's fine, in fact it's rather wonderful that English - or any language - grows like a living thing.

But the words we invent reflect our thoughts and beliefs. Meat-space? Ugh. Spare me.

I'm picky, yes I am, about who I spend my time with, whether in the virtual world or at my kitchen table. My friendships in either arena have to be based on mutual respect. It doesn't matter if we don't share beliefs, necessarily, what matters is that the person I spend my time with live according to their beliefs, through and through. I just cannot, in good conscience, feel kinship with anyone who pays lip service to what they believe in.

And so it is that the words people use when they talk to me matter to me. Those words are containers for meaning; they can never be exact, but it behooves all of us to do the best we can to choose them carefully. We don't put clean water in a dirty glass and serve it to our guests, do we? No. Then why would we use words that dirty what we're trying to say?

Okay, I swear, yes I do. But I keep my profanity for when I'm speaking of the profane, not the sacred.

Yet here and there I see those who speak of Creation as the precious gift of God to us in one sentence, and call it "meat-space" in the next.

A joke, is it? Then it's in poor taste.

Easily offended, am I? Actually, no, but when I am offended, I walk away from the offender. And it's sad, sometimes, when I've to have to do so. I have trouble sticking to it, too, but there always comes a reminder as to why I did so in the first place.

And when it comes down to it, we must have lived in different versions of the world all along. I don't live in "meat-space". I live in a glorious, imperfect world full of glorious, imperfect humans. I see them neither as cattle or sheep, and I would certainly never imply that they are but flesh on a slab. That anyone would, with the casual use of such slang as "meat-space", reveals to the reader/listener that the love and compassion they claim to have for their fellow man ain't quite what they make it out to be. Not to mention how they really must feel about "Creation".



//end hissy fit.


  1. I haven't heard this term. Am I left out? Keeping the wrong company am I?

    1. hahaha - keeping the right company, more like.