Help keep the writer warm.

I'm often encouraged to charge a fee for "consultations" - I wouldn't dream of it.

I consider anyone who comes to me for advice or moral support to be my neighbour, not a client. I do what I do out of love, not for profit.

Still, there are those who feel moved to offer something in exchange. If this is the case, you may make a donation through paypal to my email account: . Any such donations will be most gratefully accepted. (nb - or contact me by mail, see "write to me")

We heat our cozy little home all through the frigid Quebec winters with wood; we have a state of the art wood stove that burns cleanly and efficiently. That means I don't need a clothes dryer either, I can dry everything by the fire. All in all, it saves us money, smells nice, and keeps our money out of the pockets of Big Oil.

It also makes for a substantial outlay of money in the fall for a winters' worth of oak, maple, birch and poplar from our local "wood guy". So from mid-summer on, your donations will go toward 'the firewood fund'.

Thank you and bless you.

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